Feature :: Chef Charles Webb

Feature :: Chef Charles Webb

You just never know when and where you'll meet people. I met Chef Charles late last September and I have grown to respect his talent and craft with food. Actually, food would be an understatement. What I really mean is, this guy can cook. No, that doesn't sound just right either. ​

If you want attention to detail and a culinary experienced from a master chef, meet Charles.​

That's more like it. I caught up with Chef Charles (and Chef Rick) in a West Loop loft to capture the magic in the making. ​

I'm a sucker for his black truffle honey. I'd eat that on a piece of old lunch meat.​

Feature :: Miss Windy City Jennifer Carr

Most self proclaimed tom boys typically don't get into pageants, but Jennifer Carr did to 'meet more female friends' when she was in high school. I was crazy interested in asking about the pageant life of this fellow Illinois State Redbird alum; what I learned was fascinating.

Artists :: Diana Arand

Diana Arand is a totally rad Chicago local glass artist. She does these custom mosaic hand cut designs that are truly extraordinary. She's going to be at the One of a Kind Show in the Merchandise Mart December 6-9. She'll have some glass work on display to purchase as is, but will also be talking about her custom order pieces.

One day this summer we had tried to have a photo session. I'm pretty sure we could've achieved what we were trying to achieve in half the time it actually took us. Lots of side tracking and horsing around. Diana and I also work together in marketing for a tech company. I don't think it coincidental that our desks were not next to each other for a length of time.

Just a few of her artist session frames below. Go meet Diana Arand and visit her glasswork in person. She'll probably give you a free hug. Plus these images just don't do her work justice. []

Event :: The Junior Council Snowball

It may be just Thanksgiving, but the Junior Council of Lurie Children's Hospital is gearing up for its 25th annual black tie event, Snowball, on February 2, 2013. This year, the anticipated event is again to be held at Chicago's historic Union Station Grand Hall.

The Junior Council supports Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago’s Pediatric and Adolescent HIV and AIDS programs. 

Event :: Cooking with Chef Charles Webb

I recently worked with Kapow Chicago on a private event involving Chef Charles Webb, a renown (but local to Chicago) culinary master. Chef Webb and his team created several delectable canapés in front of a stunning backdrop of east and south views of the city.

I tried to pick up a few tips, but I didn't mention that I burned the heck out of garlic bread a few weeks ago (that broiler is tricky). I figure photographing the magic is the closest I'll ever get to sharing a kitchen with these pros.