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Feature :: Chef Charles Webb

Feature :: Chef Charles Webb

You just never know when and where you'll meet people. I met Chef Charles late last September and I have grown to respect his talent and craft with food. Actually, food would be an understatement. What I really mean is, this guy can cook. No, that doesn't sound just right either. ​

If you want attention to detail and a culinary experienced from a master chef, meet Charles.​

That's more like it. I caught up with Chef Charles (and Chef Rick) in a West Loop loft to capture the magic in the making. ​

I'm a sucker for his black truffle honey. I'd eat that on a piece of old lunch meat.​

Event :: Cooking with Chef Charles Webb

I recently worked with Kapow Chicago on a private event involving Chef Charles Webb, a renown (but local to Chicago) culinary master. Chef Webb and his team created several delectable canapés in front of a stunning backdrop of east and south views of the city.

I tried to pick up a few tips, but I didn't mention that I burned the heck out of garlic bread a few weeks ago (that broiler is tricky). I figure photographing the magic is the closest I'll ever get to sharing a kitchen with these pros.