Feature :: Miss Windy City Jennifer Carr

Most self proclaimed tom boys typically don't get into pageants, but Jennifer Carr did to 'meet more female friends' when she was in high school. I was crazy interested in asking about the pageant life of this fellow Illinois State Redbird alum; what I learned was fascinating.

Yesterday, on a bizarrely warm January day, I met up with Jennifer  to do some work in preparation for the upcoming black tie charity event, Snowball (hosted by The Junior Council). We met at Union Station and I got a chance to talk to Jennifer about what it's like to compete in pageants (and no, it's not like Miss Congeniality at all), where on earth do you get all those gowns, and how  pageantry positively impacted her life.

I for one had no idea there was a difference between Miss USA and Miss America. I thought the two were interchangeable. Jennifer explained the main differences to me and how Miss Windy City is part of the Miss America pageant circuit. As a well-spoken 24 year old, Jennifer has the poise and grace of a role model any young girl should admire (and any gentleman can respect). 

In a cooperative effort to help raise money for The Junior Council (which benefits the pediatric AIDS and HIV unit at Lurie Children's Hospital), a date with Jennifer will be auctioned off at the black tie affair on February 2, 2013. This is The Junior Council's 25th annual event and will be again held at Chicago's historic Union Station Great Hall.

There's no question Jennifer is a gorgeous young lady, and after spending some time with her, I'm convinced of her sweet demeanor and down to earth personality. To all the gentlemen attending Snowball in a couple weeks, may the best bidder win an engaging  evening at one of Chicago's finest restaurants. I can almost guarantee you will not run out of things to talk about. The PR major and Art minor (sculpture) grad recently auditioned for NBC's The Voice (and made it past the first round)!

See all you dapper young professionals soon!