Engagement :: Elizabeth + John [Morton Arboretum]

These two! How great of a story just in time for upcoming Father's Day. Elizabeth and John met at the University of Illinois during dad's weekend several years back. John proposed to Elizabeth at home and after she said yes, they went to Mia Francesca's where John had planned for their families to be ready to celebrate the engagement. 

Engagement :: Cara + Alain [New York City]

Engagement :: Cara + Alain [New York City]

So, two weekends ago I found myself with a flight to New York City on a whim. I needed a break from Chiberia and even though I was trading cold for cold. The travel change up somehow made it better. 

Perfect timing for Cara and Alain's photo session. And a 50 degree winter day.

With stops in Chelsea, West Village and Long Island City, we took advantage of New York's ever changing backdrop as we raced the afternoon light into sunset. Can't wait for their June wedding in Newport, RI!

How Photography Cracked Me

Sometimes people ask, 'what got you into photography'? And I usually say it's a pretty boring story. I do not have one of those old stories of how I got my first Polaroid when I was 7 and instantly knew I was going to be a photographer. While that may be true for some, it seems like an opportunistic story. I also got kitchen toys . . . and I am certainly not a chef. [Although I'm hoping Chef Charles can help me out with that.]

You get my point. No one ever says they knew they wanted to be something when they were a kid if it doesn't pan out.

Portraits :: Alejos Family Chicago Portraits

It's time for another Alejos session! If you recall, the last session was before the littlest Alejos made his debut to the world [check the spring session here]. And now he is 3 months old! Spitting image of his older brother. So much, it's even a little spooky. After a solo portrait session, we rounded up the whole family to do a few Christmas card worthy shots [you'll have to wait til Christmas to see those]. We had one of the last mild days of the season on our side, warm sun and fall crunchy leaves.

Portraits :: Haedt Family [Montrose Beach, Chicago]

Portraits :: Haedt Family [Montrose Beach, Chicago]

I love family portraits when they're in their natural element. Forget anything too scripted. Some of my favorite portraits of all time are in the moment, real shots of families being the themselves.  

So, a few of my most favorite people and I went over to Montrose Beach on a chilly September Sunday to set up shop. Footballs were thrown, tag was played, picnics were had, and overall a ton of fun ensued.  


Feature :: Joe Chlebeck

So I have a confession. I'm in love. With Joe.

After years of awkward hair cuts from ill suitors, I stumbled across Joe just as I was doing a major chop for Locks of Love. I remember being nervous as he split my hair into two low ponies. Just before I could say anything he snipped it off and said "TOO LATE".