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Portraits :: Rodeghero Family [Chicago]

Portraits :: Rodeghero Family [Chicago]


charity: water is a phenomenal organization that aims to provide impoverished areas of the world with tools to be able to access clean water. Because its operations are funded by private donors, every dollar that is raised funds clean water projects. It's an organization whose mission and philosophies align with my personal views. And I wanted to be involved.

So, in December of 2013 I ran a [one month] campaign for charity: water called 'Photos for Filters'. In this campaign, I was offering 20 min sessions for donations of $100 or more. The response was amazing, and within a few weeks, I reached my goal of raising $2000!

Portraits :: Alejos Family Chicago Portraits

It's time for another Alejos session! If you recall, the last session was before the littlest Alejos made his debut to the world [check the spring session here]. And now he is 3 months old! Spitting image of his older brother. So much, it's even a little spooky. After a solo portrait session, we rounded up the whole family to do a few Christmas card worthy shots [you'll have to wait til Christmas to see those]. We had one of the last mild days of the season on our side, warm sun and fall crunchy leaves.

Portraits :: Baby Lenox [Newborn]

One day young and she tackled her first photo shoot. I simply love newborn portraits shot as a documentary style. It's raw, it's precious, it's timeless, and you see the beauty of a newborn. There are plenty  more times for dress up, but for today, it was just about being one day young.

Welcome to the world Natalie. Addison is going to make  a great big sister.

Portraits :: Horner Family

I seriously love shooting in rural areas.  Maybe I'll have to move somewhere far outside the city. Maybe. I said it a couple of weekends ago, but this truly could be the last warm weekend. I can't believe it was so mild out. We drove out to a private property in Rochelle to do these fall portraits before they were off to see Wreck it Ralph. All smiles from this family, check out some of the awesome frames below.

Portraits :: Haedt Family

Well. I don't exactly know how to describe fall light in wide open spaces. It's just different. And so beautiful. Rochelle is a deceivingly cool small town. They have good pizza. They have great rural areas to shoot in. AND the HAEDTS LIVE THERE!

I love these guys so much! I've been lucky enough to capture some great moments of their growing family year after year. This session was a fall portrait combo and Leni's almost one-year session. The outfits from Matilda Jane and J.Crew's Crew Cuts are in perfect coordination. No matching white shirts and jeans here!