Feature :: Joe Chlebeck

So I have a confession. I love Joe.

After years of awkward hair cuts from ill suitors, I stumbled across Joe just as I was doing a major chop for Locks of Love. I remember being nervous as he split my hair into two low ponies. Just before I could say anything he snipped it off and yelled, "TOO LATE".

And that's the story of the beginning of Joe and me.

As one of my most favorite relationships in my life, Joe has gone from the genius who can manage my stick hair to one of my favorite friends. He even gave me a cat. <sigh> That deserves a separate post on its own.

One time I cut my own bangs. Joe wasn't happy. But this was waaaaay before I 'really knew him'. :) Lesson learned. Don't cut your own bangs.

I've fallen asleep while he's cut my hair. It's the narcolepsy.

A little while later, I brought him two Sweet Mandy B cupcakes on our two year anniversary. This was a special moment. The longest relationship I've had with my stylist. I think it was at this point that we knew we were meant to be.

Along the way we also discovered our shared love for gummies. Haribo reigns supreme, but we've sampled some downright great sour ribbons from Amy's Candy Bar (on Damen near Leland) and some random bag of sour gummies - I can't remember where they were from.

Last Saturday morning I took a quick visit to Sine Qua Non in Lincoln Park (where I currently get my do done) to do a feature on my friend Joe.

Meet Joe. He's the greatest. Friend. Gummie Lover. Stylist. Person.

I think for the next big milestone in our relationship, he'll make me bloodies with biscuits and gravy.

Fingers crossed. :)

What is the best part of your job (besides cutting my thick mop)?

Well Pam, as you know- cutting your hair for the past 6 or so years has been the highlight of my career! No really, getting the chance to make people feel good about themselves is my favorite part. Even if it's just listening to them vent about something - we as stylists, kind of act as therapists at times!  

If you had to play favoritism and pick your favorite tattoo, which would it be and why?

That's a hard question- they all are such a part of me (literally). They all have some kind of story. None of mine have any "deep" meaning. I just love the color of them all. But if I had to pick one, it would be my neck tattoo. I have wanted one since I was a young boy.   And yes, I was an odd child!

How did you get into styling?

I have two uncles who are stylists.  Well, one is more of a barber, but it's something I grew up around. I always loved watching them work. As I got older, a lot of my friends were in the industry as well. So I guess it was a natural progression.   

What are your thoughts on baby pandas?

I mean, who doesn't LOVE a baby panda. I'm human after all. 

If you could travel to any destination today, where would it be?

Australia. I have never been there! I love the idea of traveling around the whole place.   So many different climates in one country. I really want to see the Great Barrier Reef before it vanishes. I LOVE the ocean so much. Both of my sleeve tattoos are of ocean creatures.  

Favorite go to outfit?

Jeans and a white t-shirt.

Are you interested in a white cat with an orange tail? He answers to Thomas these days?

No. I have one beautiful and perfect cat named GIA. PLUS , I have a saying that I adhere to- "no backs".

If you were a gummie bear, what color would you be? I’d be yellow so I wouldn’t get eaten first.

I would be clear. They are the best and almost everyone likes them! Pineapple!

If you decided you no longer wanted to be a stylist, what would you do?

Honestly, I know this sounds cheesy, but I couldn't imagine doing something different.    It's what I love.  I'm happy to go to work every day- I'm pretty lucky that way!