Portraits :: Rodeghero Family [Chicago]

charity: water is a phenomenal organization that aims to provide impoverished areas of the world with tools to be able to access clean water. Because its operations are funded by private donors, every dollar that is raised funds clean water projects. It's an organization whose mission and philosophies align with my personal views. And I wanted to be involved.

So, in December of 2013 I ran a [one month] campaign for charity: water called 'Photos for Filters'. In this campaign, I was offering mini sessions for donations of $100 or more. The response was amazing, and within a few weeks, I reached my goal of raising $2000!

Seeing that photos in winter in Chicago are not really too pleasant for photos [and spring this year wasn't much better], we are finally shooting the mini sessions from last winter's campaign!

Check out some of the frames from the Rodeghero session at the Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk. I love late summer light.