Travel :: Mon Cherie, Paris

Well. Where do I begin. A few weeks ago, I basically impulsed a flight to Paris for 6 days of wanderlusting. I've been long overdue for street photography and traveling for myself. So. Why not Paris?  

Prior to leaving, I debated back and forth . . . take the D600 or not. I finally decided to just take iPhone and GoPro photos to document the sights and street photography.

I fell in love. Yes, I did some tourist things. As a big fan of Amelie, I couldn't wait to see Montmartre and Sacre Coeur (enjoyed some saucisson on the Square Louise Michel). Of course, I also walked to the Tour Eiffel. And Notre Dame. But other than that, I was extremely pleased the hotel was in the Republique district. A very central square with several major boulevards running into it. My favorite neighborhood was Marais. Rue du Charlot was the kind of Parisenne street you dream of. And the street of Cafe Charlot (right at Rue du Bretagne)... the only cafe I frequented more than once (smoked salmon, cheese, baguette, red wine . . . yes please).

I met some awesome people, visited some super great design shops, walked past the most amazing florists, ate some of the most delicious croissants, and watched protests in the square. It also was surprisingly liberating to reacquaint myself with an actual map.

I've left a little piece of my heart in France. Counting down the days to return. After a short 6 days, I'm poor on euros, but rich in life.

This one is for the books . . .