Wedding :: Erin + John [Holy Family Church, St. Ignatius, Chicago]

So this was a fun one and a little reunion of sorts. I know Erin from when we were young (like 8, 9, 10 years old young) and did gymnastics together at the Oak Lawn Park District. We got back in touch via Facebook as adults and she approached me about her recent engagement to John. I met with them up in Lincoln Square back in 2011 and Erin and I chatted and took some time to catch up. It had been YEARS since I've seen her. No, not years. Almost two decades?!! Erin looked EXACTLY the same. Just taller. :) 

So as Erin is going about her wedding planning, she attended a bridal expo somewhere in the south suburbs. That's when she heard "Erin Rickelman?". She turned and who was the florist who called out her name? OUR OLD GYMNASTICS COACH LAURA AMBROSE. Over the last few years, Laura started arranging florals and started Gardeenia Floral Design Studio! So Erin caught up with Laura, loved her work, and had her studio do the bridal florals.

So how is that for a long looooong time reunion? :)

Erin and John got married at Holy Family Church at St. Ignatius College Prep, where Erin went to school. This campus has the coolest architecture. I cannot believe their 'lunchroom' was as grande as it was. When Erin told me the reception was in the 'lunchroom', I trusted the reputation of the school, but still couldn't wait to see it in person at the walk-thru. Wow. My 'lunchroom' in high school looked like a stereotypical lunchroom and had a weird smell. Did we get transported to a campus in England?

As the wedding reception carried on, I discovered just how much Erin and John's friends and family love to dance! Add in great live blues music by Candy Foster and Shades of Blue, and the dance floor was never empty. 

Such a great time. Lots of laughter. Lots of joy.