Wedding :: Dayna + Jason [Backyard Wedding, Lemont]

I met Dayna and Jason several months ago at The Perfect Cup in Lincoln Square. She was referred by Kelly Cline, partner of very awesome Katie Todd. I knew before meeting them I would probably like them, based on this referral alone. We talked about their plans for the wedding day... very non-traditional. Everything to be used was either recyclable or reusable. There was going to a Quaker style ceremony, bluegrass band, amazing food from Irazu Cafe, a bouncy castle, lawn games, candy table, and a rock concert to cap off the night (courtesy of Jason's band).


No. I had no idea just how awesome this was going to be. Leading up to the date, Dayna would send me little nuggets of photos of vintage finds. We were planning on a vintage living room setup for portraits in an open field. I brewed with excitement and the possibilities. The attention to detail of all the styling was so personal and specific to Dayna and Jason. And I loved that. Their sons picked out their own dapper suits and had custom Converse shoes with their nicknames.

The day finally came and weather was calling for a mean storm. We got in our field portraits just in time before the storm crashed in. Phew. Except for the wedding and ceremony was also to be outside. Tables were covered and guests moved inside as sideways rain began to come down. It was black outside.

Now what?

Well. If you are these awesome people. The party must go on. The bluegrass band played and peopled danced. All I saw were smiles. And Dayna and Jason decided to hold the ceremony in the basement. Yes, the basement. When I look at these ceremony pictures, I don't see physical surroundings, I see true raw emotion, happiness, and love. Tears were shed that night, but not because of the rain.

The storm passed and guests moved back outside. The night capped off memorably with some photo booth silliness and a group performance of Loud Love (video courtesy of Dayna Abraham), the song Dayna and Jason fell in love to. It was beautiful.