Artists :: Katie Todd

A few years ago, I was at the Double Door in Chicago to catch a show with some friends. I had brought my new lens to just test out in low light. Katie Todd opened the show for the Damnwells and I immediately loved her sound. How did this sound come from such a tiny little lady?? I introduced myself to her after the show and we chatted for a few minutes and I said I'd send her a couple of the frames from the evening. I was lucky enough to develop a great relationship with Katie. She's one of the sweetest and kindest people I know. And the more and more I listened to her work, I grew so interested in her career as a music artist. She has an earthy and raw, but sweet sound which delicately graces over her piano. She frequents my playlists in the car and at the office.

We've worked on a few promo projects together, and even a few family sessions with Kelly and their daughter along the way. Great people often surround themselves with great people, and through Kelly and Katie, this is how I also met Dayna and Jason Abraham. [See their super cool backyard wedding here.]

This summer, Katie ran an amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign to get her newest album, Closer, recorded. It's so great to watch an independent artist grow. It's an honor that Katie's album cover includes an image we worked on together [actual album cover not designed by me]. 

So as I was eating pancakes and sitting at my desk this morning, and Katie Todd came over iTunes, I wanted to share this story. Check out some of the promo and family sessions I've worked on with Katie at LeRoy Oakes in St. Charles, IL.

Happy December 1!