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Travel :: French Countryside

Travel :: French Countryside

Not all those who wander are lost. - J.R.R. Tolkien.

Most especially in the French countryside. My last trip to France was really urban focused and this time I spent a lot of time in wine country. From family owned wineries to quaint small town markets, exploring more never felt better. Being a needle in a haystack of vineyards, you slow down, you breathe deep, and you drink some wine.

Just a few frames, but enough to transport you if you just close your eyes ...

Travel :: I left my heart in NYC

​New York as a whole has a buzz about it, no question. I had 2.5 days to get in years worth of anticipation of places I wanted to visit and street vendor pretzels I wanted to eat. My plan was to have no plan, except to spend chunks of time in specific neighborhoods. I did the tourist things: MoMA, 30 Rock, Katz's Deli, Carrie Bradshaw's House, etc, but I wanted to spend time just watching, observing, immersing. 

Travel :: Ah India

This past January I took some time to see India. I had no expectations except to have no expectations. My goal was to frame this trip how I saw it and how I would remember it one day when my memory fails me. Here are some of my favorites. I haven't had Indian food since coming home, but the cultural experience this excursion afforded doesn't come around too often.​