Travel :: Scottsdale, AZ

Travel :: Scottsdale, AZ

I never need convincing. If I have the chance to hop a plane and escape for just a few days, I'm in. Got to head down to Scottsdale to celebrate the marriage of two friends. The desert light. The blue skies. The amazing company. All signs to a good weekend getting outside.  

Opting out of staying at the W, I found a fantastic Air BnB option just half mile from the hotel. An awesome value and a little bit more space to spread out, yet super close to all the action. 

Friday night we spent time at Casablanca Lounge by some late night dancing at Casablanca Lounge. Saturday's more formal dinner reception was at El Chorro... What an amazing Scottsdale venue and restaurant. 

Sometimes AZ feels like Mars to me, but all in all, great short weekend away!