Humans of Chicago

I've recently started taking the Metra and I was at the FFC at Union Station and cut my workout short to catch an earlier train. Except I had the direction wrong and my train was still an hour away. So I sat in the food court just wasting time and this elderly woman came and sat down at the table I was sitting at. She was accompanied by a Metra worker and she was trying to get situated and look for her ticket. 

Travel :: Chicago [my home town]

Travel :: Chicago [my home town]

Chicago. You might find yourself standing in the same places, but it's never the same view. The way that light reflects or diffuses off glass buildings. The way shadows encroach your step. Sometimes I end up taking for granted all the photo opportunities that exist in this great city and get wrapped up exploring other cities. I still love you, Chicago! Here are a few of my favorite Chicago scenes. Don't forget to stop and look around. :)

Wedding :: Alyssa + Michael [Promontory Point, Chicago]

Planning an outdoor wedding in Chicago definitely takes some bravery and a little bit of luck. I definitely thought we were going to get rained on (which would've made the 4th outdoor wedding in a row to get rained on!). BUT the weather held! A sprinkle here and there, but the ceremony happened outdoor as planned. Promontory Point is a really beautifully rustic place, perfect for a quaint wedding. And actually cloudy days on Promontory Point are quite beautiful.

One of the things about this wedding I thought was super cool was that Alyssa wore her mom's wedding dress. Her sister got married earlier this summer and also wore the same dress. Kind of a warm sentiment and family tradition to carry on!

Here are a few of my favorite images...