The Wedding Guide: Advice for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Congratulations! What an exciting time in your life. This guide is designed to help you navigate wedding photography from engagement sessions to what to expect the day of to creating your most perfect wedding album.

If you’ve made it this far to find this guide, it means you are on your way to exploring photographers to capture this life milestone. Choosing a wedding photographer can be stressful. So many options. So many styles. So many personalities. So many investment levels.

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I firmly believe that wedding photography isn’t just having the pro gear and the ability to capture an image. I believe it’s a visual narrative. Of the big moments and the little in-between moments. When you see your images, you see a visual storyboard from beginning to end. Where images can standalone, but are powerful as part of a bigger story. 

Top tips for selecting a wedding photographer:

  1. Be clear in your initial email and don't just send an email requesting a quote! Tell the photographer about yourself and your fiancé. Send details or even a recent photo. Wedding photography is so personal, make sure your photographer can see how great you guys are.
  2. Determine what style of photography you are drawn to. Every photographer has a slightly different style or mark. Find one that suits you and your fiancé... not just a trend.
  3. Meet with the photographer. Even if a wedding photographer has the greatest body of work, you want to make sure you can develop a strong connection with them. Who do you want hanging around you all day? The stiff and formal photographer or the one who makes you feel so comfortable you forget they are there?

xo, Pam

Download the wedding guide >>