Travel :: Magnolia Markets [Waco, Texas]

For those of you who are just as obsessed with HGTV's Fixer Upper, this post is for you. I slowly, but not so slowly, became enamoured with the show and Chip and Joanna Gaines. To start, yes I understand this is a reality show, but I just LOVE THEM. Are they not the couple you just want to be friends with? Chip's jokes. Joanna's easy going but totally cool demeanour [and strong baking and design skills don't hurt].

Anyway. What better thing to do than to take a short 36 hours down to Waco, Texas to Magnolia Markets? Waco is a short 90-minute drive from Dallas, which was the easiest to fly into. This Disneyland for HGTV obsessed lovers is awesome. Something like 30,000 visitors come through Waco to Magnolia Markets A WEEK. A WEEK. 

Silos Baking Company

I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Chip and Joanna, but alas, no avail. The charming silo district has an amazing bakery, Silos Bakery Company. That was our first stop upon arriving on the grounds. We waited in a short line, but they are efficient and kept it moving. The savory 'Prize Pig' biscuit [bacon and cheddar] was insane. Sadly, I ate it before I could even snap a photo. Wishing I purchased more to stuff in my pockets for the flight home. They were also giving away a free cupcake in their new flavor. We picked The Campfire. A cupcake take on s'mores. Yum. I am a loyalist to Sweet Mandy B's in Chicago, but these cupcakes made a run for my heart. 

Magnolia Seed+Supply

Why can't I have a garden like this? Well, I guess, for starters, I don't have a green thumb or even a thread of greenery. That didn't stop me from buying two seed packets - spinach and carrots. It's an inspirational delusion that a commoner could create such calming and sustainable beauty. One can dream, and I can still hold out hope for a little green yard one day. Probably will need to move out of Chicago as a first step.

Food Trucks and Lawn

What a fantastic area to hang out. I don't know what was going on, but the breeze was insane. It was a beautiful afternoon. Warm sun, light country breeze, and good wholesome fun. After we already had a cupcake and biscuit, we tried our best to burn some time before diving into which food truck we would eat lunch at. Thank goodness I wore elastic banded pants. It was a really REALLY hard decision between Milo Provisions and Cheddar Box. The 'Boss' won out from the Cheddar Box. Gouda, bacon, and basil on sourdough. Can't wait to try this on my panini press back home. Knock-out combo! We sat and ate while watching the families play on the lawn. It was refreshing to see kids playing outside and just enjoying the simplicity of 'playing catch'.

Magnolia Market

Magnolia Market is an expansive store! Of course, it was super packed, but what hurry could you possible be in? Loved [of course] the aesthetic and design. If I had a home right now [a bit in transition right now], I would have loved to purchase so many different pieces. So maybe, for the sake of my pocket book, it's for the best. How do I get on Fixer Upper? It might be totally worth it to have to [I mean, get to] live in Waco... I'm only kind of kidding. 

If you have the chance, go visit Magnolia Markets! It's a quick little fun trip, perfect for a short weekend. There's not much else to do in Waco, besides see Baylor University [beautiful campus]. I do recommend making sure there isn't a Baylor home game. When I was first looking at hotels, I was confused why the La Quinta was almost $400/night. HUH? Then it dawned on me. Football is religion in Texas. So we planned to go on an away weekend and hotel was a respectable $112/night.

If you go, bring me back some bacon and cheddar biscuits. I'll pay you in hugs and kisses.