Proposal :: Becky + Nicole

Well. About 2 hours before Becky was scheduled to propose to Nicole, I found out I would get to capture this great moment for them. My friend, and colleague, had an awful family emergency that morning and couldn't shoot. It was a feeling of mixed emotion of concern for my friend and also excitement for Becky and Nicole.

In a shotgun detailed text message conversation, Becky and I acquainted ourselves and I got to the location. When I got there, I got so nervous {on top of hoping I recognize Becky and Nicole) . . . 8-10 teenagers on skateboards loitering.


So as to not add to Becky's stress, I let her know that I will follow her lead on a location change to a different area. I was more concerned that these teenagers would try to photo bomb us and ruin our pictures, heckle, whatever teenage boys and girls [and sometimes adults] do.

What happened next was the best.

Once these teenagers saw what was about to transpire, they not only moved away, but shouted out cheers of congratulations. Your parents should be proud.

Becky asked Nicole to marry her. And through tears and shock, Nicole said yes.

The best of wishes to Becky and Nicole. These two were the nicest and most genuine and I couldn't be happier for them. They rolled with the punches and went with the flow of having a different photographer that day. If this is a sign of their relationship, they are going to have a long life filled with adventure and happiness.

Even the rain held off til we were finished for the day.