From the first time we met Pam, we were absolutely impressed with both her artistic eye and her personality. Through our engagement shoot to our wedding day, Pam always made us feel comfortable in front of the camera [something we typically dread], and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Pam was definitely the best ‘discovery’ on the road to our wedding planning. I can’t even begin to thank you!!
— Brad + Steph Boron, September 4 Wedding [Mission Hills Country Club, Northbrook]


I love love love peonies. My musical tastes change, but I always have room for Andrew Bird. I shoot because I love it. I squeeze the toothpaste from wherever I happen to pick it up, usually the middle. I like to eat creamed corn and bacon, not necessarily always together. I once thought I could eat 6 baos from Wow Bao. Turns out, I can't. I like to drink ginger ale and Pellegrino. I have a historical fascination with WWII. I'm bad at math. Yasuko is my middle name. I laugh often, even when I'm by myself. I dream monthly about surfing. I'm working on my fluency in Japanese. Konichiwa. That means hello. I have an aversion to novelty socks and poor grammar. I hate putting things together. I once wanted to be a wood whittler and a negotiator. I suffer from high self esteem when it comes to athletics. I signed up for my first half Ironman race without a bike. If you want to negotiate your fee over a game of four-square, I'm in. And....

I believe in doing what you love and doing what you mean.