How did I get into photography?

Check out this blog post!

What is the turnaround time to get my photos back?

2-3 weeks for portraits

6-8 weeks for weddings


What's your favorite vegetable?

Roasted brussels sprouts. Which I fell in love with after I received the recipe from one of my awesome clients. Oh. And ice cream. Vanilla bean, which is also a vegetable.


When I get the digital files, does this mean I own the files?

I will always own the rights to the photos and can use the images in advertisement and marketing purposes (blogs, competitions, website, etc.). As a client, you receive printing rights to the files and digital use. These rights allow you to print any of the images in any quantity and/or use them on social media, blogs, etc. For corporate clients, this also includes any internal or external facing documents, marketing collateral, or web platforms. 

For all clients, these rights do not allow you to enter any images in a contest, alter or edit them in any way, or sell them.


If I have print rights, why do you still offer prints for sale in the gallery?

I urge clients to seek professional printing when they already have invested in professional photography.  A good print lab uses high quality paper material and ensures that color calibration is correct. These photos are printed on beautiful matte paper, which enhances the visual appeal of the image and removes glare. On-demand kiosks print on glossy paper and the color can sometimes be over-saturated.

Clients do have permission to print elsewhere, but I always offer prints through my gallery at a low cost as a convenience for clients. You will find my costs comparable to what you would see at the store.


I want to book you for a session! What's the next step?

Please feel free to email me and I will promptly email you back with availability. Weddings require 30% of the total fee at the time contract is signed. The remaining balance is due 1 month from the wedding date. Portraits fees are due at the time of signed contract to book date. 


Is there a cancellation fee?

If a portrait session is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled session, there is a $75 fee. Weddings require non-refundable deposits to book your date.



My objective is to create a beautiful image that reflects both an artistic style and your personality. I love location or editorial suggestions from clients because it leaves room for creative collaboration so we can ultimately develop an awesome image.
— me