Engagement :: RoseAnn + Justin

Meet Justin and RoseAnn. They met after being introduced by friends.Turns out, they also actually went to the same high school, but didn't know each other then. They dated for about three years, and then just over a month ago on November 10, Justin asked RoseAnn to marry him.

I met up with Justin and RoseAnn in Libertyville, where Justin is a firefighter. We had already cancelled two sessions because of ongoing rain. I was keeping a close eye on the forecast. I was hoping for a little snow, but more so just keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn't be freezing.

After a few frames in and around the fire station with the vintage fire truck, we stopped at a couple more outdoor spots before heading to downtown Libertyville. I like getting to sessions early and driving around looking for unique places. This didn't fail as I found a miniature apple orchard, which made a stunning backdrop for some of my favorite images. 

Not many engagement sessions in December get this lucky with cooperating nature. What an outstanding day we had.